Your Questions. Our Answers.
What if there is a photo of me I don't want up on the site?

No problem, just let us know which photo you want removed and it will be taken down ASAP.

How does it work at the party?

Simple guests step in front, take the button and take the picture exactly when the want. No waiting for the random 4 picture countdown, this makes for much better pictures and is more fun for everyone. Watching your friends or taking your own Usnaps is super fun. The Usnaps photo booth is a high quality creativity toy that makes everyone a pro.

Why no prints on site?

More fun and eco-friendly, it's a win, win. No prints means no waiting for a print that you will need to figure out how to carry around for the rest of the night.

No waiting means more great photos and more fun for everyone at your party, not just one or 2 people at a time. With Usnaps you may have 8 people in the photo and twenty having a great time watching!

Usnaps is a much more eco-friendly option than either your traditional chemical booths or any digital printing booth. You may have 1400 photos from your party and with Usnaps everyone can easily make the prints of the real keepers with Usnaps photo booths great downloading system and super high quality photos. The rest can live happily online forever without creating any waste.

Compare our High Quality Free downloads, how easy it is for everyone to get all the photos they want and you'll see why clients like Jill F of the Pacific NW Ballet say "We can never have a party again without Usnaps!!"

Will Usnaps.com be available in my area?

We are locally available in Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York City, Las Vegas, Orange County, Hollywood, as well as Vancouver and Montreal Canada.

We can also travel anywhere, Please let us know where you need us!

Usnaps livens up corporate events for clients like:

Access Hollywood, Microsoft, Spin Magazine, Bust Magazine, Ralph Lauren, Rugby, W Hotel, Arnette, Metromix, Red Hook Brewery, Leo Burnett, Pacific NW Ballet, Red Bull, KISW The Rock, Boost Mobile, CitiBank, Kaiser Permanente , CosmoGirl, EVO, Hot Topic, Zumiez and many more!